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          EMC Laboratory

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          EMC advice from development to series product

          The interference-free operation of many electrical units and installations close to each other can only be assured when the EMC requirements (EMC = Electromagnetic Compatibility) are satisfied. These are specified by the EMC Directive of the European Union. European and national standards stipulate the technical requirements on equipment as well as on the measurement and test procedures. These standards specify the critical values to be applied to the emitted interference and the test level for the interference immunity.

          However, the need to satisfy the requirements made on electromagnetic emissions and interference immunity is gaining importance worldwide as well. Proof of compliance with the international EMC standards is a precondition in most economic regions in order to market these products at all.

          The TDK Electronics EMC laboratory in Regensburg, Germany, offers a wide range of services. They extend from consulting during product development via EMC measurements and tests on prototypes up to the acceptance tests of series equipment, including:

          • Measurement of conducted and radiated emissions
          • On-site measurement of conducted emissions
          • Detailed documentation
          • Easy-to-follow guidance on solving EMC problems
          • Test reports to confirm compliance with the applicable standards and specifications for the declaration of conformity by customers
          • High competence in EMC components and solutions on the basis of more than 50 years of EMC experience
          • Focus: Industry and power electronics
          • Automotive: CISPR 25 conducted/radiated emission
          • Large range of auxiliary equipment: power sources, motor cables, load rigs
          • ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for many EMC standards (emission/immunity)

          Test site for large machines and vehicles

          The test laboratory is designed for numerous EMC tests of emissions and interference immunity. The laboratory's accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 applies to many EMC standards. Apart from three shielded rooms, the test laboratory offers a semi-anechoic chamber that is equipped with a reflecting floor. It is suited for field strength measurements to the relevant standards at a test distance of 10 m between antenna and DUT. It is equipped with an exhaust gas system as well as with a water supply and waste water system. This chamber allows the testing of large and high-power equipment and systems as well as motor vehicles. In addition to state-of-the-art test equipment, the laboratory has an extensive range of power supplies up to 100 A, cables, and resistive and motor loads.

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