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          AlCap Useful Life Calculation Tool - Web-based Application

          The AlCap Useful Life Calculation Tool provides calculations of useful life for a selected capacitor type under assumed operating conditions.

          Please click on the series below in order to start the program. Next please specify the capacitor type and select the calculation method you want to use: Ripple current spectrum or Measured temperatures. In the following step enter the application-specific load conditions and start your individual calculation.

          The database includes a selection of screw-terminal, snap-in, 4-/5-pin and large-size capacitors from the 2017 data book.

          For customized types and for those with a preliminary part number please enter the 8-digit Customer-Specific Capacitor code in the CSC code field below. This will lead to the calculation tool, where application-specific load conditions can be entered.?

          Please note that you will need a current version of?Adobe Flash player?to run the Useful Life Calculation Tool.

          Screw terminals
          [---Image_alt---] image_screw__2
          4-/5-pin snap-in?terminals?and solder pins
          [---Image_alt---] image_4snap-sold__2
          [---Image_alt---] image_snap-in
          85oCB43630keyboard_arrow_right2000?hUltra compact
          B43624keyboard_arrow_right8000?hLong useful life
          B43634keyboard_arrow_right8000?hLong useful life, ultra compact
          B43541keyboard_arrow_right8000?hOutstanding ripple current, high voltage
          105oCB43640keyboard_arrow_right2000?hUltra compact
          B43641keyboard_arrow_right2000?hUltra compact
          B43642keyboard_arrow_right3000?hUltra compact, high ripple current
          B43643keyboard_arrow_right3000?hUltra compact
          B43644keyboard_arrow_right5000?hUltra compact,?long useful life
          B43544keyboard_arrow_right3000?hOutstanding ripple current, compact
          B43545keyboard_arrow_right5000?hOutstanding ripple current, compact
          B43547keyboard_arrow_right8000?hOutstanding ripple current, compact

          [---Image_alt---] image_large-size

          105oCB43268keyboard_arrow_right3000 hHigh ripple current
          B43649keyboard_arrow_right3000 hHigh ripple current