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          Analog Behavioral Model for Circuit Simulation (PSpice Network Listing)

          [---Image_alt---] Surge Arrester

          Voltage surges in telecom or power systems caused by lightning or line faults can affect sensitive electronic circuitry.

          Manufacturers of telecom equipment such as subscriber terminal boxes, DSL modems and power equipment or switched power supplies and UPS batteries are legally obliged to take overvoltage protection measures. Gas discharge tubes (GDTs) are typically used to shunt surge currents to ground and limit overvoltages to a harmless level.

          Their key advantages are their high surge current handling capability combined with a very low capacitance and high insulation resistance. EPCOS is the only manufacturer of surge arresters to offer simulation assistance and support for gas filled discharge tubes. Any arrester from the EPCOS product range can be entered into a PSpice model upon request. This allows users to fit the GDT into their designs at an early stage of development.

          Any effects occurring during normal operation as well as the behavior of the whole circuit under surge simulation can then be tested prior to building a prototype. This offers significant advantages such as cost savings and a reduced development time for new designs.


          • Analog circuit simulation
          • System design and verification
          • Functional verification
          • Surge simulation

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