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          TDK TDK Electronics · TDK Europe

          What we have to offer

          TDK provides you with a wide range of attractive additional offerings and benefits that can vary from location to location.

          [---Image_alt---] Benefit Flexible Arbeitszeitmodelle Image

          Flexible working models

          Our flexible working (time) models can help you strike the right work/life balance. Examples include:

          • Flextime (except in shift work)
          • Part-time arrangements?
          • Special leave in response to specific requirements (in accordance with TDK's Work Policies)

          [---Image_alt---] Benefit Tarifgebundenes Unternehmen Image

          Covered by collective bargaining agreements

          Our workforce is covered by a collective bargaining agreement, pursuant to which staff on the collectively agreed pay scale receive special benefits such as

          • 30 days' vacation entitlement
          • Additional vacation pay
          • Payments to employees’ retirement savings plans
          • Special payments pursuant to collective bargaining agreements

          [---Image_alt---] Benefit Leistungsorientierte Vergütung Image

          Performance-related pay

          At TDK, performance pays dividends. We pay performance-linked bonuses that reward outstanding dedication and excellent results.

          [---Image_alt---] Benefit Beitragsorientierte Altersvorsorge Image

          Company retirement benefits

          We always keep your long-term future in mind. Our employer-funded defined-contribution benefit plan helps you to prepare now for your future retirement.

          [---Image_alt---] Benefit Personalentwicklung und Weiterbildung Image

          Career development and continuing education

          Whether you are a trainee, career beginner, seasoned specialist or experienced manager, you will find career opportunities suited specifically to you at TDK. You and your superior will work together to plan your professional development, enhancing your skills and adding to your wealth of experience as you complete varied assignments in an international environment. The continuing education we provide will help as you progress.

          [---Image_alt---] Benefit Betriebsarzt Image

          Company doctor

          Our company doctor will is on hand to advise you and provide prophylactic check-ups. The services provided include?

          • Healthcare advice for business travel
          • First aid
          • Eye tests
          • Vaccinations

          [---Image_alt---] Benefit Sozialberatung Image

          Social counseling

          External social counseling provided by the company supports you in challenging life situations such as

          • Reintegration into the workplace after a prolonged illness
          • Difficulties at the workplace
          • Personal and family-related challenges
          • Nursing care for relatives

          All advice is provided confidentiality and with full anonymity.?

          [---Image_alt---] Benefit Sport und Gesundheitsangebote Image

          Sports and healthcare offerings

          Your health and fitness is important to us. We therefore place the following services at your disposal:

          • Prophylactic check-ups
          • Advice on healthy eating
          • Sports activities
          • Cut-price fitness studio membership

          [---Image_alt---] Benefit Kantine Image


          Most of our development and production facilities have in-house cafeterias offering a selection of freshly prepared meals.?

          [---Image_alt---] Benefit Parken und Verkehrsanbindung Image

          Parking & public transportation

          We want your journeys to and from work to be relaxing, not a burden. Our facilities have good links to local public transportation and provide parking space close to your workplace. Additionally, we offer our employees a subsidy for public transportation passes.