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          TDK TDK Electronics · TDK Europe

          Film capacitors

          August 27, 2019

          Robust DC link capacitors

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          TDK Corporation has extended its portfolio of EPCOS film capacitors for DC link applications with the robust new B3277*M series. The new types are suitable for extreme environmental conditions – a fact that has been proven by means of a THB test (temperature, humidity, bias) at 85?°C, 85 percent relative humidity with a rated voltage applied for 1000 hours.

          The capacitors of the new series are designed for rated voltages of between 450?V?DC and 1600?V?DC and offer capacitance values of between 0.33?μF and 120?μF. The maximum operating temperature of these RoHS-compatible components is 105?°C. Depending on the voltage and capacitance, the lead spacings are 27.5?mm, 37.5?mm and 52.5?mm, and a 2-pin or 4-pin version is available for each lead spacing. The service life of the self-healing capacitors is 50,000 hours at the rated voltage and an operating temperature of 85?°C.

          Typical applications include DC links of converters for photovoltaic plants, as well as frequency converters and power supplies for industrial applications. The series is qualified in accordance with AEC-Q200.

          Main applications

          • DC links of converters for photovoltaic plants
          • Frequency converters and power supplies for industrial electronics applications

          Main features and benefits

          • Successful completion of THB tests at 85 °C, 85 percent relative humidity and an applied rated voltage for 1000 hours.
          • Wide voltage range from 450 V DC to 1600 V DC
          • Wide capacitance range from 0.33 μF to 120 μF
          • RoHS-compatible
          • Qualified in accordance with AEC-Q200